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Via AXS Station / AXS e-Station / AXS m-Station
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UOB Internet Banking. Login to your UOB Internet Banking account and choose : Payment Services>Bill Payment>List of Registered Payees
For Loan Payment : Select - Singapura Finance Ltd. (Loan)
For Savings Deposit : Select - Singapura Finance Ltd. (Savings A/C)
For Loan Payment : Cheque should be crossed and made payable to Singapura Finance Ltd
For Savings Deposit : Cheque should be crossed and made payable to the account holder's name
Please indicate your Loan Account Number / Savings Account Number on the reverse of the cheque and mail it to Singapura Finance Ltd, 150 Cecil Street #01-00 Singapore 069543
Please click here to apply for GIRO
(applicable for Loan Payment only)


Designed by the government, MyInfo is an online service which facilitates and simplifies online transactions for Singapore citizens and residents by enabling you to manage the use of personal data in your MyInfo profile. Find out more

Request for e-Statement

You can request for your Statement using your mobile phone. If you have an overseas or a non-Singapore registered phone number you will not be able to make use of this service. The SMS must be sent using the mobile phone number that you have registered with us and the Statement will be sent your designated email address. To register your mobile phone number and email, click here

Loan Account e-Statement

Current Account e-Statement


Check Current Account Balance


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2 Access To Personal Data Form
3 Consent Form
4 Withdrawal of Personal Data Consent Form
5 Particulars Update (Change of Personal Data Form)
6 Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts
7 Terms and Conditions Governing Safe Deposit Box